Wedding, Meeting & Event Planner Salary in West Virginia

The median salary for Wedding Planners & Event Planners in West Virginia in 2014 was $50,973per annum, which is below the median planner salary in the US ($57,223), but it is above the median US salary across all industries.

Below is a breakdown of the median salary of wedding planners & event planners in West Virginia, the median salary in West Virginia and the median Wedding Planner & Event Planner salaries, so you can compare them yourself.

Wedding Planner & Event Planner Salary in West Virginia

US Median Salary$24.28$971$4,209$50,502
US Median Wedding/Event Planner Salary$27.50$1,100$4,769$57,223
West Virginia Median Salary$20.70$828$3,586$43,036
West Virginia Median Wedding/Event Planner Salary$24.50$980$4,248$50,973

Wedding Planner & Event Planner Salary in West Virginia, by City

Charleston$24.38$975$4,226 $50,711
Huntington$23.20$928$4,023 $48,277
Morgantown$25.55$1,022 $4,428 $53,139
Parkersburg$23.83$953$4,131 $49,578
Wheeling$25.55$1,022 $4,430 $53,163

Salary Range for Wedding Planners & Event West Virginia

 Low 10%MedianHigh 10%
Charleston$36,914 $50,711 $66,751
Huntington$35,181 $48,277 $63,831
Morgantown$38,692 $53,139 $70,304
Parkersburg$36,144 $49,578 $65,594
Wheeling$38,426 $53,163 $70,460

Note: Lowest 10% is the lowest 10% salaries (so 1 in 10 planners will earn this or less), highest 10% is the highest 10% of salaries (so 1 in 10 planners earn more this or more). The Median/middle value is the middle of the range. i.e. if you asked 100 planners their salary and ranked from highest to lowest, 10 would be less than the low number, 10 would be more than the high number and person number 50 would earn the middle number (with half more and half less than them).